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Celebrating the
Fun and Freedom
of Social Dance.


Dance to release stress. Experience movement with no pressure and lots of friendly support.


We focus on core skills of leading and following, feeling, and connecting—with yourself, your partner, and the music.


We incorporate games and activities to foster learning that’s natural and fun.

There's No Time Like the Present

Drop in FUNdamentals and Continuous Improvement classes every week from January 10 to March 28. Join us!

Our Blog

Read our interviews with international dance instructors and our musings on social dance.

Maestre Gegê on MZouk

Check out Horacio's five minute interview with Gegê, the creator of MZouk, filmed in Majorca, Spain. Learn about the commitment of one person to share his passion and talent, the unique skills MZouk has to offer and the reasons why it...

Learning Pains? Here’s How to Handle Them

Let me start this post by coming clean: I love beginners. I get deep satisfaction from watching people learn—seeing the concentration, the frustration, the triumph on a face during an “aha!” moment. I also profoundly love to help facilitate the learning journey, which...

Follow, The Leader: Why Follows Should Lead (and Vice Versa)

We thought about giving this post the title "How to Zouk Like Leonardo Da Vinci." You might ask yourself, "what does an Italian Renaissance painter have to do with modern Brazilian zouk?" On the surface, not a whole lot. Except that Da Vinci had one very important...

What We Do



Drop-in classes every Wednesday from January 10 to March 28.



No time for weekly class? Want to improve faster? Consider a private.



We give zouk workshops in prairie dance communities and we regularly organize workshops with renowned international zouk instructors, right here in Edmonton.



We organize Smooth ConnectionsEdmonton’s chill dance experienceone Friday each month, together with the ZoukEd! dance community.



Interested in a truly original team building experience? Consider dance.

What People Say

It’s a huge pleasure for us to share dance with other people. They seem to like it, too.

Horacio, thank you for working with me yesterday and showing me my first steps. You were easy to learn from because you explained the steps in a way I could understand and started with small, uncomplicated movements. I also appreciated your calm nature—it made me feel relaxed and able to move on from my mistakes when my feet got mixed up. Anyone you teach is lucky to learn from you!

– Heather Clagett

I’ve been hearing a lot about this new dance called zouk, which looks like poetry in motion. I decided to set up a private lesson with Horacio and Chelsey to help me learn this sensual dance and incorporate it into my bachata dancing. Horacio and Chelsey showed me the zouk movement basics and how these movements are interpreted and reciprocated between partners. Thanks to both of you for your inspiration and patience in teaching me this beautiful dance.

– David Navarro

I recently discovered zouk and fell in love with the movements and the music, which I find entrancing. Fortunately I met Horacio and Chelsey–two zouk instructors who dance with passion, grace and beauty. Through two private lessons, I learned more than I ever hoped for. They taught me to relax, connect to my partner and allow myself to follow, while also executing my basic steps the proper way. Thank you Horacio and Chelsey for introducing me to this beautiful dance!

– Nicole Glass

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