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For many people social dancing is like public speaking, sky-diving, or spiders—terrifying.

We don’t think it has to be that way. That’s why we named our dance project Ludic Zouk, because “ludic” means something that’s light, fun, and playful. 

Just like social dancing was meant to be.

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Brazilian Zouk Edmonton



 Our classes focus on teaching the foundational skills needed to have fun improvising on the social dance floor. We teach using games and activities designed to create a relaxed, fun experience, because we believe people learn more and perform better when they’re enjoying themselves.

Classes are typically taught in 12 week blocks in the fall, winter and spring.

 Come and surprise yourself.  


level 1

Level 1 classes typically run at 8 PM on Wednesday evenings. Level I is a twelve week program that covers the fundamentals of Brazilian zouk footwork and bodywork.


After classes each week we stick around for what’s lovingly referred to as the “partyca”–part party, part practica, all fun. A chance to integrate what we’ve learned and connect with classmates and friends.


Level 2 classes typically run at 7 PM on Wednesday evenings. Level 2 builds on the foundation of Level 1 and is a collection of special topics and sequences that vary each season. 


I love Chelsey and Horacio’s unconventional approach to exploring dance. In their class I’ve learned to lead and follow, I’ve been exposed to unlimited movement variations, and I’ve improved my other dancing immensely. Coming to class to be amongst friends in an open and trusting environment is a welcome change to just doing dance drills, choreography or patterns . . . In class we are guided through movement and exploration but encouraged and challenged to create for ourselves. No other class has brought me connection on this level!

Barb Little

For me, zouk is a complex dance with many nuances. As I learn more I realize how much more there is to know. But the complexity evaporates in Chelsey and Horacio’s class. Their class is far from typical. It’s a discovery, an experience, an opportunity to leave the day behind. They’re a perfect example of how good teachers make the difference—it’s their way of being, their magic, that brings me back week after week.

Gari Bernaras


Brazilian zouk in edmonton

Ludic zouk

10816 95 St. NW, Edmonton, AB

(780) 974-4956